Interlude - Critique
Sep 15, 2009
~2 minute read

Let me say from the start; this particular post doesn’t have any insightful discussion in it. If you happen to read my blog for the sole reason that you think my postsĀ are insightful, then perhaps you want to skip this one (but I’m glad you like the rest!). No, this post is just a small request to those who read something I write and think “wait, that doesn’t seem quite right” - tell me! That’s right: while one of the reasons I write here is certainly to discuss topics I’m interested in, another such reason is to work on improving my writing skills (and to keep whatever skill I do have in practice).

I suppose just the act of writing itself has its benefits, but anyone who writes with any kind of serious intent could tell you that getting feedback from readers is a huge help when it comes to figuring out how different aspects of one’s writing could improve. It’s hard to break out of a solitary viewpoint when considering self-produced works, so we have to rely on others to do that for us.

If you see something in one of my posts that doesn’t seem clear, or come across an argument that appears to lack proper support, or even just want to quibble over comma placement… go for it. Any feedback is always welcome, dialogue even more so.

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